November 8, 2013

Dorian’s Birthday Show

Some friends wanted to sing karaoke tonight kind of, but, that all went to shit. You know why, because Dorian Foster decided to change ages, and not only that, but then he invited me to perform on his special “Birthday” show, which made me feel like I had to pass up on the karaoke, relieving any amount of peer pressure that there might have been to get my friends to go too. I don’t know if he changed ages just so he could have a show or what, but he had one anyway.

I love doing these birthday shows. The audiences are always the best because it’s a birthday party. Everyone on the show had an incredible and fun set. I know I enjoyed mine too. I asked what they wanted to do, and they said they wanted to close the stage door that had been left open when I walked out. So this little punk named Josh Fesler comes up to close it, but he just opens it more. Man, what a punk. I was so mad. What an upstart. Fortunately Ben Rice had the vision to come out and close it. I asked what they wanted to do now. Then that same kid from the door incident pipes up and says he wants to hear Stephen Ferris tell some jokes. Well, I couldn’t stay mad at him then, and felt obligated to tell the best jokes I could. So I did and it was a blast. Thanks for the set Dorian and happy birthday!

Here’s the recording: