January 9, 2014

First Luna’s Open Mic of 2014

I went to Luna’s last night. I was going to go to Laugh’s Unlimited, but it didn’t work out. I refuse to park around there, so I would have had to ride my bike, and I was running late anyway, so I just rode my bike to Luna’s. Later I was happy that I did because I heard that the Laugh’s open mic was being dominated by people that already work there, and there wasn’t any room for open mic people like me. Ugh. Isn’t it enough to work there and do sets on the weekend? No I guess not, you gotta go hog the open mic too.

But the Luna’s set was so fun it made me forget about Laughs mostly. Joe-Joe Louis Montalbo chimed in as the speaker for the crowd and said they wanted to laugh. I told a bunch of jokes and most of them went great except for my last one about maybe being a mouse. Oh, I just realized just now that I can use it to segue into my stripper vs mouse jokes. Need to work on those though. I think too many women get offended, or maybe it’s hard for me to tell them to women and feel right about it.

Clip: http://youtu.be/skXS3guf2u4