September 17, 2013

Flying Donkeys

Tonight I went to the Boxing Donkey after not going for a while. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, but I work nearby and it starts late, so it’s hard to drive home and then want to go back out again. Oh shit, I just remember I bought stuff from Trader Joe’s and left it in the car. Well, when I’m done writing this I’ll go get it.

Anyway, I stayed way late at work so I wouldn’t have to wait around for that long. Still, I got there first. Helped the guys setup a little bit. The guitar stand was hard to set up because I’d never set one up before, and I was a little bit confused and not sure if I did it right because the bottom part didn’t seem secure. Maybe I left out a piece.

The list started circulating. I got it first. It was a receipt paper. I was thinking about what the return policy might be. I went on first. I asked what they wanted to do and flipped the bird because it was all comics that I knew mostly. Brandon Garner said he wanted to hear jokes. I told some potty jokes I’ve been working on, and the one about Lake Tahoe.

One pleasant surprise was that Sharon Rose was there and she did a set! I was really excited about seeing her because she is one of my favorites to watch. I would love to see her get booked on some shows somewhere.

At one point Sam Bruno was behind the bar and we were watching a commercial for these weird flying contraptions shows where people compete with homemade flying machines. He wanted to make one. I told him he should make it look like a Donkey.