September 11, 2022

Found a Classmate

I dropped a guest set tonight on this show at this place called The Powerhouse in Folsom. Amber Whitford runs a fun show at a wild, wild place. When you go to a dive bar, you expect to see some people that look like they’ve hard, and probably done meth at least a 100 times. This place was on meth. It had like a dozen different rooms where you could hang out, and despite it’s grungy image and atmosphere, it seemed to attract a wide range of clientele, some looking like they just crawled out of heroin den, and others looking like they just walked out of the dressing room at the mall. It also had a cat with half its tail missing, and an old abandoned staircase leading to the street below. I got up and talked about some VGA cables that I have sitting in boxes. It was one of those shows where you’ve got a few people laughing, and the rest of the people just sit there watching you but they never react. Who knows why. Maybe they don’t think you’re funny. Maybe it’s all happening inside their heads, but they show nothing outwardly. They’re just laughing internally. One guy after the show told me I killed it, but I only saw him smile a couple of times during my set. But hey, if he really enjoyed it, that’s great, especially because the people who get it and laugh enjoy seeing other people not getting it. So here we doubled the fun because that guy liked it and got it, and other people enjoyed watching him appear not to enjoy. Or maybe he was lying. Anyway, then after the show it got loud and chaotic. I wanted to leave. People kept pressuring me into taking shots, but I resisted. Then I saw Amy Goss. I went to high school with her. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a woman that I went to high school with. We said hello and hugged, and then she went into one of the other areas that they have with her friend. I pitched this show idea I had called Weirdly Normal Comedy to Aurora Singh. She was the headliner of the show. She said she was into it. Then people started doing more shots, and I decided I was out. I saw Amy again and said goodbye. I got back to my car and realized I had to pee. I also wanted some pizza. I knew there was a pizza place on the corner, so I walked up there to get some pizza and pee. Peezza. But they were closed. They said I could still use the bathroom that was shared with other businesses. I went out there and there were two bathrooms. One I could see the light was on, but it was locked. The other was also locked, but the light wasn’t on. I decided to wait a few minutes and see if anyone came out. Then I woman came out of the one with the light on, saw me, and then said that bathroom was for employees only. She said the other one was for the public. I told her it was locked. She said someone must be in there. I told her the light wasn’t on. Then she went and told another employee. He came out with a key, and then let me use the employee bathroom. It was kinda gross in there. Looked like someone sprayed that grass seed mixed with paper stuff like they do on hillsides, but instead of a hillside, it was the toilet, and instead of grass and paper, it was poop and paper. Then on the way home I was reminded that I needed to get gas. I still wanted pizza. So I got gas and signed up for the carwash. I figured I would drive through the carwash while the pizza cooked, and then it would be ready when I got there. It was.