August 27, 2013

Just Dance

I went to the Scramble again tonight. They do it two nights a week. Sunday and Monday. I did a repeat of last night by walking in after 9. And the same amount of people remained in the crowd. I asked what they wanted to do as usual. Jessica Wellington is the one in charge on Monday nights. She shouted “dance!” from behind the stage. I did the “that makes it easier for me” speech, and then tried to get them to dance, but I bombed. Bombing in this case means I couldn’t get them to dance. I told them get off the wall, get out of your chairs, just like Michael Jackson did but with no tune or beat. They just wouldn’t do it. Eventually my set ended. I told them, you gotta make up your minds what you want to do, ’cause life goes by real fast.

I also tried to get on a showcase at a club, but it didn’t work out. No surprise there.