September 10, 2013

Let’s do a play

I went to the Comedy Spot Scramble tonight. Managed to squeeze in a set. I went up there, nobody wanted to do anything. I told them it was gonna make it easy for me since I didn’t have to make them laugh then. All I had to do was make sure they didn’t do anything. Then Jessica Wellington said she wanted to do a play. I asked if she had a script. She said no. I said how do you do a play with no script. Then she asked wherefore art thou Romeo. A question from OkCupid. I didn’t know how to respond, and then Edgar started trying to feed me lines from backstage. I did a few lines from the Sylk-E Fine song, and Jessica did some Master P. I asked what they wanted to do now and they wanted to talk about Breaking Bad. So we talked about that a little bit. Then Jessica said she wanted to do a joke. But really she wanted to her me do one. Finally she clarified and indirectly requested my joke about running. I did it, and then I brought up Cheryl the Soccermom. They say I can’t emcee but I did just fine that time.