September 5, 2013

Let’s Party

I really need to import my old blog onto here, because people have said they wanted to party numerous times. That’s what happened tonight at Luna’s Cafe when I asked what they wanted to do. I made sure to say “great! that’ll make it easy for me since instead of making you laugh, all I have to do is make you party!” or something like that. So, I started by checking to see if we had everything we needed. I always do this when they say party. We need cake. We need paper plates. Party hats. Those uncurling whistle things. Confetti. We had two kegs, but there was a lot of stuff we didn’t have. I tried really hard to get somebody to take a list down to Target and get it all, but no one would go.

Finally, Robert Berry who was hosting said “make people laugh.” It seemed like he was saying he wanted to make people laugh. He clarified by saying he wanted me to make people laugh. So then I asked again what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted to see me make people laugh. So I did it. I told my new political Keep Tahoe Blue joke first. Why not tell the new joke first? I did it.

After my set I got the Botanidilla from the menu, and an orange spice tea. Giuliana gave it to me with a special real orange slice for the teapot lid. I ate it.