December 22, 2013

Lock Me Down To The Paradise City

Got a set at the Lockdown last night because Stephanie Garcia is so cool. She’s slightly crazy, and I don’t know why she says half the things she says, but it doesn’t matter. You just have to ignore that and pay attention to the cool. Thats the way comedians are, man.

Man, this crowd was awesome too. I asked what they wanted to do and they just said laugh. No fucking around. I did the lone ranger, bathrooms, pirate glass, and retro spectacles in honor of my recently passed paternal grandmother.

I brought my camera along to tape it and I brought my friend too. He always stops recording and starts again so I couldn’t get the full beginning of me going up, and then I fucked up and forgot to erase the card, so the recording cut out towards the end. But you know what, we got most of it.

Here it is: