November 26, 2013

Mic Run Sunday – 11/24/2013

Blegh. I’m all pumped up on my mic rip from the stand method. So I’m trying to go out and do as much stage time as I can. But man, it sure is a bummer sometimes.

The first set I did that night wasn’t that bad. It was at the Sunday Scramble at the Comedy Spot. Giuliana hosted the Scramble. Probably the cutest host ever with all the bows and curtsies and dancing that she always does. Then she brought me up with an awkward intro to top it off. They said they wanted to hear jokes so I told a couple. I got the tape but I made the focus on the camera all blurry for some reason. At least the audio isn’t blurry.

Then I drove over to On the Y. But. Not much going on there. I got to do a set anyway, but it was pretty much pointless with all the kooks that hang out in that place. I turned on my camera but forgot to press record.

Then I went to the one at Touch o’ Class. They said they would put me on, but then I waited an hour and a half and it didn’t happen. Waste of time, and I had to sit there and watch a bunch of comics yell dick and pussy at the crowd and they ate that shit up too. As if it wasn’t depressing enough already. “Work sucks so it’s refreshing to go on on the last day of the weekend and get dick and pussy yelled at us for 3 hours before we have to start the week again. Week after week after week. And it never gets old!” Can’t imagine what it would be like to be one of those people.

Here’s the recording from the Scramble: