April 9, 2013

Monday Music Mic

I did an MMM tonight. I did it one time before and it was pretty wild. They always start late. I haven’t been on a stage in three weeks. I walked in, signed up and played it chill. Dude told me he’d put me up at midnight. It was 11pm. Sounded good to me. I like listening to music while I page through jokes in my notebook. Finally the time comes for me to go on. I make sure they know I’m a comedian, then ask now that they know, what do they want to do? Finally it gets down to it that they want to see someone make them laugh. I set about trying, using my second devil cameo joke to start with. I could see a couple of people laughing but the rest of the people said they didn’t like it when I asked. Then I tried the other devil joke that I wrote first, but before I could get to the punchline, this reggae dude starts playing a track, and they said I was done. WTF I wait an hour to tell one and half jokes. Didn’t really help me feel any different than I’ve been feeling lately. Still after 9 years, this is about all the scene will let me do. Sure I got to headline a little show three weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. But those shows are few and far between. Seems like I’ll be stuck doing mostly just open mics and sometimes a showcase for the rest of my life. Unless I quit.