November 1, 2011

Monday & Tuesday

Monday was halloween. I had made a costume the night before: CYBORG KNIGHT. It was just a big cardboard box with holes for my head and arms, and it said CYBORG KNIGHT on all 4 faces. I took it to the open mics and put it on when I got there. Spent too much time with it, so didn’t make it to Po’ Boyz in time for a set, but I did a photo op. Then I went to Boxing Donkey. I knew it was gonna be crazy. It was. The crowd was hella dumb. Lot’s of pretty girls, but their uninspired “sexy” costumes and bros and hoes mentalities made them as unattractive as they were beautiful to behold. After my set I walked down an alleyway alone, and dumped the CYBORG suite behind a building. Then I went home.

Tonight I went to the Sac Punchline after getting word it was tonight. After Willie Mac went up first, I knew my chances of getting up were 1% at best. If I get up there, it’s always first. I stuck around for the show though because I like watching G King, and he was hosting. I also liked Willy’s set, especially the beginning. Lately his stage presence is a lot more the way I like. He seems more sincere in his jokes. I know he might read this since I just implemented my new feature to turn off my font that I spent 24 hours making. Other comics tell me a lot how I’m like the one Sac comic that always makes them laugh, no matter how much the audience likes it, but typically I don’t like watching standup, so while I appreciate the compliments, I know I can’t return them a lot of times. Well, tonight I really liked watching the two I mentioned, plus Lance Woods, and Aaron Crouch. I found myself laughing here and there at other people’s sets too though. I left right when the show ended because I don’t talk about sports, hallucinogens, or random booked rooms that some of these guys do a lot. They say they like my act but they’ll never give me a shot at one of these places. Sometimes I try to hang out, but I just get depressed hearing about all the rooms and clubs people work that I figure I can’t do, and I just feel lonely and irrelevant.