November 18, 2013

Pull That Mic

I’ve been wanting to try this thing for a while where I pull the mic out of the stand really fast, but I kept forgetting to do it. I’ve also been wanting to experiment more with noises. So tonight I went to the Scramble and combined the two. I walked out on the stage and ripped the mic out of the stand as fast as I could, while grimacing and making a rough grunt sound. The crowd liked it so much that when I asked what they wanted to do, they said they wanted to see me do it again.

So then I did it again, and then asked what they wanted to do again. This time they said they wanted to laugh, and another person said they wanted to hear me tell some jokes, so I killed two birds with one stone. It went well, and people said it seemed more high energy. Awesome.

Then I tried to repeat my success by going to On The Y, but I got there too late. Or wait, no, some guy decided he was going to do a set suddenly, and it was suggested that I might get to do one too. Buuut no, just before he could start, some asshole started playing loud death rock on the jukebox. I think if you’re playing that kind of music on a jukebox, you’d better hope the band doesn’t find out, or they might find you, beat the shit out of you, and then rip out your finger nails and stick them into your eyes.

Here’s a clip from the Scramble: