December 9, 2014

Scramble 12-8-2014

Tonight I went to the Scramble open mic at the comedy spot. I asked what they wanted to do, and they took their time. Eventually one guy said party but almost immediately, before he could finish, another guy said laugh. So then I said they had to pick between the two, but they wouldn’t do it. The whole rest of my set was me trying to see how I could get them to decide between the two. At one point I asked when the last time they partied was. A guy said he partied every day. Then I asked when the last time they laughed was, and a few people said just a few seconds ago. Then I asked the guy that parties every day if he had done it yet today, and he said no, so I suggested maybe they want to party since it had been longer since they had done that, but nope, still no decision, and then the time ran out. Still a fun set though.