September 13, 2013

Sports and Trains

I’m not really that into sports. It makes it hard to hang out with a lot of people in the comedy scene, because so many of them are hardcore sports fans. It also makes it hard when I go perform somewhere and when asked what they want to do, the crowd wants to hear me talk about sports.┬áThat’s what happened tonight when I went to Blacktop Comedy in Roseville again. First one guy said he wanted to laugh, but when other people said other things, like “listen to you talk about sports,” or, “watch you smoke weed” and a few others I forget, he backed off. Finally they agreed on listening to me talk about sports.

I talked about my experience with sports. I told them I only watch the superbowl. I said I never learned how to throw a ball right. I run. I did pushups at work. Now I can’t because I hurt my wrist. Then I ended my set and told them to check out my website.

After my set I heard a train, and found out there’s a track right outside the place, so I climbed a little hill and watched the rest of it go by. I like trains a lot, but I’m probably the only comic in Sac that does.