May 18, 2012

Starting again

This is my first blog post. In a while. I haven’t been doing it because I was taking some knight classes. They say chivalry is dead, but now I took some classes. I took psychology and philosophy. Philosophy was hard, psych was easy. I didn’t really learn any chivalry. Anyway, I did some sets during the semester, but I didn’t blog about them. So tonight it’s fitting that even though I tried getting a set, I didn’t get one (got there too late), but I’m still posting on my blog. I told my friend Giuliana that my day had been a series of disappointments. That wasn’t totally true. Work was good. But then I tried to get the deli at Safeway to put some sandwich meat in a glass jar, and they wouldn’t do it. The other location down here said they might, so I’ll have to try there another day.