December 12, 2013

Stockton Comedy Experience

I did comedy in Stockton the other night. My friend Jimmie The Comedian invited me to come down and do his coffee shop show. I drove down and did and almost ran out of gas, but I didn’t actually.

The crowd said they wanted to get high, but then changed it to high from laughing so I started telling jokes. It went sour at one point when this guy claimed he never ran out of food because he always had plenty of food, and he was always eating as he was indicating by the size of his girth. So I said something like “you mean ’cause you’re, fat” and then the crowd didn’t like me as much after that. But he’s the one who went and sat in front of my camera and tried to be contradictory to the progress of my joke. I can’t control that though. I don’t know, I guess I should have maybe dealt with it differently. I brought it back somewhat with a few jokes.

I have a clip but the quality is terrible. There’s this loud drone in the background and like I said that guy went and sat in front of the camera, and then another guy walked over and stood next to him making it even worse.