September 23, 2013

Sunday Single

Tonight I did the, the um, oh yeah, on the Y. They had a crowd there so it was nice and there were a few comics too. The sound system there makes you sound amazing to yourself. I felt so much more confident when I heard my voice. I couldn’t believe it ┬ásounded so good. Gotta try the karaoke there.

The crowd say they wanted to do whatever I wanted to do, so I said that must mean that they want to find out what they want to do. Then they figured it out and said they wanted to laugh. I told them my new joke about girls saying rain check, and I told them my older one about that too. Gotta put them together. I felt better about my set than I did about either of the ones I did yesterday. Kind of wish it was the other way around, but then again, it feels good to feel good about your set, so…