July 12, 2014

Party People

Two nights ago I got to do this show at a place called the Italian Stallion Grill. They said they wanted to party, so I listed off some stuff that we would need to party. For the first time ever, a guy from the audience went to Safeway and bought a bunch of the stuff I said we needed, and then brought it back to the grill. He got paper plates, spoons, ice cream, and cupcakes. He didn’t get back until my set was over, and I’d been feeling a little off with a sore throat for most of the week, so I left before I could party with them. I ended up telling one joke at the end because a girl said she wanted to hear me tell one, and then DJ Sandhu went on after and told them they could have heard jokes the whole time, but instead they said they wanted to party.

I want to thank Carlos Rodriguez for inviting me to perform on this special show where some magic happened. There’s a Michael Jackson song called “Whatever Happens” where he features Carlos Santana on guitar, and at the end of the song, Carlos Santana says “Thanks Michael” and then Michael Jackson says “Thank you Carlos.” Well, my name isn’t Michael, but I still feel the same way about having been able to be on the show.

December 4, 2013


Ugh. Went and did this Tuesday at Luna’s thing again. I need a new approach to this place man. Gonna have to think of something fresh. I got to try my new Devil joke idea, and I think it will work. Maybe I’ll try it out tomorrow at the Punchline if I get up there. […]

October 21, 2013

I Found A New Trail

Today I ran by the river and I found a new trail to run on that was pretty dope. I guess it had always been there and I never knew. Anyway, that doesn’t have anything to with comedy. Tonight I went to The Comedy Spot Scramble and then On The Y. At the Scramble I […]

September 14, 2013

On Lockdown

Tonight I went to special Friday open mic at the Lockdown. I got a sandwich and a glass of wine. The Lockdown is a brewery bar, so when I asked what they wanted to do, I wasn’t surprised to find out that they wanted to get drunk. Then someone said they wanted to hear a […]

September 10, 2013

Let’s do a play

I went to the Comedy Spot Scramble tonight. Managed to squeeze in a set. I went up there, nobody wanted to do anything. I told them it was gonna make it easy for me since I didn’t have to make them laugh then. All I had to do was make sure they didn’t do anything. […]

August 30, 2013


Tonight I went to the Blacktop open mic. It’s starts at 9:30. I didn’t want to get off work at 7:30, drive home to Sac, and then drive back to Roseville. So I didn’t. I went to Fry’s and made a return. I also bought a laser mouse. As if I wasn’t good enough at […]

August 22, 2013

Can’t hang with the big dogs

Remember last night how I said I wasn’t going to that one place until the guy that ran it figured out that it was me texting him for a spot? Well he figured it out, so I went and did a spot. Mostly just comics hanging out, but a few people off the street. I […]

August 21, 2013

Unicorns and Jokes

I did a couple of open mics tonight. First I did Luna’s Cafe. They have a Wednesday showcase there too so don’t get confused. I haven’t done that one in a while because the guy who runs it lost my number, so he doesn’t know it’s me texting to get a spot. I’ve decided I […]