November 5, 2013

Test Tube Flop

I keep trying to make this test tube joke work, and it’s just not happening. I’ll keep trying because I know there’s something there, but it’s reached the point now where I don’t even remember why it made me laugh when I first thought of it.

Tonight I went to the Scramble open mic. I managed to squeeze in a set even though I showed up late. At first I thought I was going to be number 24, but then they squeezed me on earlier. Thanks Robert Berry!

Robert told the crowd I have been doing comedy for almost 10 years and that I was well known in the scene and what not. Raised the bar big time. I started with the Thunderbird joke which is pretty solid right now. Then I tried the test tube and it just flopped. Then I brought back a little with a couple of other jokes that I like to use with the test tube one. Oh yeah, well, they had said they wanted to laugh, but one guy wanted to clap, so that was weird when he actually did. But he has gout so it’s okay.

After my set I walked around. I had to take dump. Some other comics wanted me to play trivia with them at the pizza place next door. They told they had a bathroom. I went in there for a while and did it. After I came out they had an intermission in the trivia and I got bored and went home.

Here’s the clip: