April 16, 2013

Three Mic Monday and The Pacifier

Whew! Finally managed to get three sets in again. First I hit up The Sac Comedy Spot Scramble. Got on this time (unlike the night before). I told some jokes but it wasn’t the jokes that got the biggest laugh. That came when I heckler threw in an impromptu punchline to a joke. I’ll be honest, he got a good laugh. And then I just rolled with it, and got an even bigger laugh from that. But, then I caved to the pressure of the audiences expectation that my next jokes ought to provide them with equal or better laughs, which they may have done, but I psyched myself out I think. Then I bought some groceries, and after that I went to the Boxing Donkey. Hadn’t been there in a while. Was nice to see old faces. Did a set. It was interesting to see the room evenly divided with 5 black guys sitting on one side, and mostly white dudes and a few white women sitting on the other side, although there was one black guy on that side too. Roseville… But the 5 black guys on the right stared awkwardly at various objects until I got to the part of my Devil joke where I mention gluttony. For whatever reason they suddenly could relate to that. Then they were more interested in the rest of my set. Then Darby and I decided to go to Town House after for their open mic. We knew what we were getting into. Fortunately an old comedy friend Noel Dewitt was there to do a set too. He fits in better with the crowd there, and helped to keep the Reggae jammers from kicking us off if they didn’t think we were funny. Well, I went on after the other two, neither of whom had managed to switch the crowd over from Reggae jamming to comedy yet. The crowd was starting to get hostile, and Darby, who went on second wanted a fight. I knew I was going to have to calm things down a bit before I could do my set the way I wanted. So I played politician and tried selling them what I thought open mics were supposed to be all about. It worked! Still didn’t get much in the way of laughs, but they at least mostly listened, which is all that I could have asked for. I am The Pacifier.