August 20, 2013

What’s funny about a giraffe?

I did the scramble tonight at the Comedy Spot. The crowd had been big, but by number 19 (me), they were down to 5. I asked what they wanted to do. This guy said he wanted to listen to me. I asked listen to me do what, make noises? He said yeah sure. So I started making all kinds of noises. Eventually he got up and walked out. I was like, where are you going I thought thats what you wanted to do? Oh well… Then I asked what do you guys wanna do now? This guy said he wanted to hear a joke about a giraffe. Well, I don’t have any jokes about a giraffe, but I figured I’d give it a shot so I just talked about giraffes for the next couple of minutes. Hey man, how often do you hear a joke about a giraffe? I think the likelihood of me having that prepared is pretty low.