October 17, 2013

Fosters Freeze

Tonight I did a set at this place called Foster’s. It’s a bar. Not a Foster’s Freeze. I went on third. It was great, they wanted to laugh right away. They liked a lot of my jokes, even ones I was trying out, and my favorite thing happened on a few of them which is where I connect with people in the crowd through the stupidity of the joke. That always makes me laugh. Even if I’ve told a joke so many times that it doesn’t make me laugh anymore, if I tell it and the connection happens, then I can laugh at it again.

Then I was going to try and go to Bows and Arrows since they had a guest host whom I think likes my comedy more than the regular one, but no audience nor comics showed up so it died.

October 3, 2013

Drove to San Fran for One Mic

I needed to deliver my flyers for The Rejects of Standup show on Oct 25th to the guys in SF, since thats where the show will be. I also wanted a set. So I drove down there and went do Dirty Trix. Chris Schiappacasse was there and he let me have his set since he […]

September 27, 2013

4th Blacktop

I went to Blacktop for the fourth time. Only 6 comics hanging around. No audience. We performed for ourselves and checked our phones. Finally this time someone said they wanted to laugh. Before that the options put forth were to make to a porno, or to listen to me talk about my shirt. I was […]

September 25, 2013

Highs and Lows

I got really lucky tonight. I almost squished one of my friends between the front of my car and the back of his while he was rolling a J, but I didn’t. I thought I was in reverse, but I was in drive. If I had been trying to show off and floored it, he […]

August 30, 2013


Tonight I went to the Blacktop open mic. It’s starts at 9:30. I didn’t want to get off work at 7:30, drive home to Sac, and then drive back to Roseville. So I didn’t. I went to Fry’s and made a return. I also bought a laser mouse. As if I wasn’t good enough at […]

August 20, 2013

What’s funny about a giraffe?

I did the scramble tonight at the Comedy Spot. The crowd had been big, but by number 19 (me), they were down to 5. I asked what they wanted to do. This guy said he wanted to listen to me. I asked listen to me do what, make noises? He said yeah sure. So I […]